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Internet at the Speed of Light

Theorists at the University of Illinois and Duke University published an exciting paper recently – how to get nearly light-speeds in areas that have 85% of the internet usage in the US. The plan is the cheapest of it’s kind –

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The Road to 5 G

          Originally, the “G” in 3G or 4G stood for “Gigabites per user per month”, but that was before LTE. The massive bandwidth increase in LTE derailed that progression. The “G” was then re-branded to be

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Fog Optics presention at Atlanta Tech Village

The Fog Optics team presented at Atlanta Startup Village, hosted by Atlanta Tech Village, on Monday, February 23rd, starting at 7:30 PM. We showcased our Fog Laser™ demonstration system, data from field tests, and a fielded FSO system with the attendees.  Missed

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Spotlight on Fog Optics by Hypepotamus

Hypepotamus, an on-line magazine focused on Atlanta start-ups, and has featured an article on Fog Optics. Be sure to check it out!

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Sprint sits out of Largest Spectrum Auction in US History

          Almost every investor, consultant, or casual observer has asked Fog Optics the same question when it comes to FCC licensing: How much bandwidth can pass through what amount of spectrum? A more critical question however

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NASA JPL: “Clouds Obscure Satellite Laser”

NASA JPL has recently had some wins with their satellite to ground laser communications prototype, OPALS, with 18 successful tests from Table Mountain. But, as with their terrestrial counterparts, fog & clouds are still blocking progress: “At times, weather was a

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AOptix Hybrid System in Telecom test beds, uses Millimeter Wave RF to fight Fog

A year and a half since the initial product launch, AOptix has entered into test-beds of some telecommunications carriers. Their hybrid solution relies on a Millimeter Wave RF solution to get through fog, with an optical communication backup for use in the

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Army Laser gets through Motar Rounds and Fog

The Army has tested a 10 kW laser that does see through Fog, and is also able to take out Mortar rounds before hitting a vehicle. To put this in perspective, the Fog Optics system used in Hilton Head to

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