Fog Optics Introduces Fog Laser™

ATLANTA, Georgia – DECEMBER 22nd 2014 –  Fog Optics today introduced Fog Laser™, the world’s only communication laser platform to deliver fiber-like reliability in adverse weather.  Now available, Free Space Optics manufacturers can license the optical technology.  Compatible with most encoding techniques, Fog Optics can integrate the technology into existing laser platforms.

Free Space Optics (FSO) companies use light to transmit data over a point-to-point connections and have long struggled with weather outages since the birth of the concept.  “It’s the reason major operators like AT&T and Vodafone have been reluctant to adopt the technology as a standard.”  says Austin Smith, the companies co-founder, “We can enable FSO companies to deliver upon the reliability they [major carriers] are looking for.”

In major cities where spectrum licensing is exhausted, right-of-way issues limit fiber deployments, and leasing bandwidth is cost prohibitive, FSO presents a lucrative opportunity.  Deployed in a matter of days, the technology can relieve network congestion for stressed mobile backhaul, bridge two networks across a city or allow disaster recovery teams to bring up network in an emergency.

“We have proven that our patented technology can reliably transport information through fog, smog, smoke and scintillation using a 100% optical path that’s eye safe and does not require a redundant link.” says John Cabaniss, the inventor of the technology.  In a series of tests conducted just outside Hilton Head, SC, Fog Optics staff demonstrated the technology during a significant fog event (80-100+ db).  “This is something no one else has been able to do,” he adds.

With the weather issue solved, Fog Optics founders are confident this technology will change the way that major operators, enterprises and the government leverage FSO. This positions the industry for significant growth. It also opens the door for companies like Facebook or Google who are connecting the world using high-altitude balloons and solar power planes.  “There are many exciting opportunities to pursue. We are currently focused on finding the right partners to work with us and take the next step,” concludes Austin.

Notes to Editors:

  • John Cabaniss, the inventor, has dedicated his career to optical sciences research holding positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Los Alamos National Labs.  His work is published in scientific journals with over 30 classified publications.  As a recognized patent expert, he drafted 11 patents and testified as an expert witness during laser-based patent disputes. His reports and opinions have been relied upon by numerous organizations including Lockheed-Martin, various agencies inside the Department of Defense including the National Reconnaissance Office, Boeing and the Office of the Vice President.
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About Fog Optics:

Fog Optics™ is an applied optics company that produces the most effective products for high quality, high bandwidth communications today, and to will continue to achieve the highest communications rates terrestrially and extra terrestrially in the future.

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