AOptix Hybrid System in Telecom test beds, uses Millimeter Wave RF to fight Fog

A year and a half since the initial product launch, AOptix has entered into test-beds of some telecommunications carriers. Their hybrid solution relies on a Millimeter Wave RF solution to get through fog, with an optical communication backup for use in the rain. Their approach is innovative, with excellent engineering going into the proprietary components of their products.

Millimeter wavelength radio frequencies are unregulated in virtually every country, making them great from a regulatory perspective. But, they don’t transmit well at backhaul ranges through rain. Additionally, if multiple units are deployed, units owned by different carriers will interfere. Ultimately, spectrum depletion will still be an issue.


It will be quite a story if they can support a 99.999% claim at the distances that are being tested.

The potential reliability issues of Millimeter wave RF have given the industry pause in adopting their technology for general use.



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