Founding Team

  • John Cabaniss, the inventor, has dedicated his career to optical sciences research holding positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Los Alamos National Labs.  His work is published in scientific journals with over 30 classified publications.  As a recognized patent expert, he drafted 11 patents and testified as an expert witness during laser-based patent disputes. His reports and opinions have been relied upon by numerous organizations including Lockheed-Martin, various agencies inside the Department of Defense including the National Reconnaissance Office, Boeing and the Office of the Vice President.

  • Steven Jefferson is an expert programmer with a degree in mathematics.  He has developed innovative encryption techniques, financial models, and enterprise intelligence applications for Fortune 500’s and startups.  Steven has a unique ability to distill and simplify complicated scientific subjects for Executives.

  • Austin Smith is a skilled deal maker and team leader with a 10 year track record negotiating multi-million dollar supplier agreements and developing business cases for Nielsen and IBM’s Fortune 100 clients.  He is a customer focused business adviser, management consultant and SME to technology and financial executives.

  • Robert Millar, the CFO, has a decade of experience in finance and operations in the telecommunications industry and holds an MBA.  He has successfully managed international P&L’s from $50M to over $1.5B for Fortune 500 companies including Toshiba and Sensus.

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