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Fog Laser Field Test

Fog Optics understands one thing better than any other group  in the world (Academic or Commercial): how to address reliability in adverse atmospheric conditions including fog. This paper will highlight the test results of Fog Optics’ proprietary and patent-protected Fog Laser product. This new technology enables niche market FSO products to become a reliable high-speed backhaul technology solutions without the need for redundant RF systems.

History of Free Space Optics

The telecom operators have clear standards – 99.999% reliability over 3 to 5 km (also called “Last Mile Problem”). Before Fog Optics, No Optical Communications manufacturer today could meet those standards when tested in inclement weather.   This paper explains a history of the technology and the lucrative opportunity that exists for Free Space Optics companies that license Fog Laser.

Satellite Communications

NASA has made significant progress in satellite to ground laser testing.  It is the observation of Fog Optics research staff that the laser communications system in use will falter during adverse weather. This paper is meant to outline a unique solution, highlight the technical problems with implementing it, and characterize in broad strokes the abilities that Fog Optics has to overcome these problems.

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