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Fog, snow, and other adverse weather conditions have stopped traditional optical links from achieving the 5 9’s uptime that carriers require for their networks. Fog Optics has solved this issue and opened a new market for Backhaul.


Market Status – Telecom

MPH-dialAs the pace of deployment of 4G/LTE technology increases and demand surges from usage of smart devices, the mobile operators are facing bottlenecks with traditional legacy backhaul network solutions. Use of existing technologies and upgrades to existing infrastructure is not sufficient for delivering quality services to customers.  Mobile operators must evolve their backhaul networks to meet next and future generation needs of 5G, 6G, and so on.

The market is growing, and demands new solutions and approaches.  The near future will present momentous potential opportunity to various mobile operators, backhaul equipment vendors, and service providers.  According to the Mobile and Wireless Backhaul Worldwide Market Forecast, “the global market is forecasted to grow from $13.11 billion in 2013 to $23.30 billion in 2018, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.2%.”

Opportunity - Fog Optics

Fog Optics has patented the only OEM laser telecom system in the world that can cut through adverse weather conditions. Engineered to work with current FSO design specifications and concepts, this power tool can enable any commercial company fielding traditional Free Space Optical (FSO) system a major advantage to compete.

In 2013, the Free Space Optics market reached $34 million (source: Optics & Photonics News).  With the reliability and distance of a Fog Laser™ enabled link, FSO manufacturers now have a competitive advantage in pursuit of the lucrative Mobile Backhaul market which is expected to reach $9.7 billion by 2016 (source: Infonetics).


  • Reliability - Only Laser product in the world with 99.999% reliability in adverse weather conditions
  • Distance - 3 km in any weather condition, 5 km in most
  • Bandwidth - High capacity 1 Gig/s or greater
  • Easy Integration - OEM Technology can easily be integrated into most system designs with a small form factor
  • 100% Optical - Pure all weather optical solution with no redundant RF needed.
  • Proven Design - Field tested with the data prove it
  • Patented - Exclusive transmit and receive technology that no one in the world has
  • Low Cost - Fog Laser™ enabled solutions maintain the lowest cost per megabyte in the industry
  • Compliant - Eye Safe and No FCC Licensing or Permits necessary

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