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State & local government can enhance their current networks with high-speed Fog Optics enabled links. These links are a new option to add network capacity quickly.3Public entities at all levels are faced with new demands driven by a multitude of next-generation applications, public safety, and services.  Video surveillance and traffic cameras, real-time infrastructure monitoring, digital records, first responder communications and broadband connectivity to schools and government offices all have the potential to enhance the lives of citizens and improve the efficiency of governments. To make these applications a reality and to stay abreast of future demands and ad hoc emergency network links, these entities must put in place a scalable network infrastructure including fast installation next generation point-to-point wireless systems. Delivering multi-gigabit capacity without the long delays and high deployment costs of fiber-based solutions speaks to many needs for safe & savvy government. Fog Optics enabled solutions deliver the capacity, carrier-grade reliability and scalability needed for current and future applications at a fraction of the cost of wired alternatives without any worry about available spectrum.


Opportunity - Fog Optics

Fog Optics has patented the only OEM laser networking system in the world that can cut through adverse weather conditions. Engineered to work with current FSO design specifications and concepts, this power tool can enable any entity fielding traditional Free Space Optical (FSO) system a major advantage to network growth and security.

With the reliability and distance of a Fog Laser™ enabled link, FSO manufacturers can now make reliable, secure networking gear in pursuit of supporting government applications for military, state, and local government.


  • Reliability - Only Laser product in the world with 99.999% reliability in adverse weather conditions
  • Distance - 3 km in any weather condition, 5 km in most
  • Bandwidth - High capacity 1 Gig/s or greater
  • Easy Integration - OEM Technology can easily be integrated into most system designs with a small form factor
  • 100% Optical - Pure all weather optical solution with no redundant RF needed.
  • Proven Design - Field tested with the data prove it
  • Patented - Exclusive transmit and receive technology that no one in the world has
  • Low Cost - Fog Laser™ enabled solutions maintain the lowest cost per megabyte in the industry
  • Compliant - Eye Safe and No FCC Licensing or Permits necessary

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