Various military forces, particularly the US military, have been attempting laser-based communications on the battlefield for some time. The main attribute is security; unlike RF communications, which can be easily intercepted, a laser system will only communicate with the target it is pointed at.

darpa orca concept art v2

DARPA ORCA Concept Art

The military’s challenge is the same as everyone else – link reliability in fog, smog, smoke, and scintillation. NASA JPL has said in their recent OPALS testing that “At times, weather was a challenge, with clouds obscuring the lasers. The payload showed the capability to reacquire the signal after cloud blockage,”.

Opportunity - Fog Optics

Fog Optics has patented the only OEM laser networking system in the world that can cut through adverse weather conditions. Engineered to work with current FSO design specifications and concepts, this power tool can enable any entity fielding traditional Free Space Optical (FSO) system a major advantage to network growth and security.

With the reliability and distance of a Fog Laser™ enabled link, FSO manufacturers can now make reliable, secure networking gear in pursuit of supporting government applications for military, state, and local government.


  • Reliability - Only Laser product in the world with 99.999% reliability in adverse weather conditions
  • Distance - 3 km in any weather condition, 5 km in most
  • Bandwidth - High capacity 1 Gig/s or greater
  • Easy Integration - OEM Technology can easily be integrated into most system designs with a small form factor
  • 100% Optical - Pure all weather optical solution with no redundant RF needed.
  • Proven Design - Field tested with the data prove it
  • Patented - Exclusive transmit and receive technology that no one in the world has
  • Low Cost - Fog Laser™ enabled solutions maintain the lowest cost per megabyte in the industry
  • Compliant - Eye Safe and No FCC Licensing or Permits necessary

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