Research & Development

MPH-dialFog Optics R&D will continue to address the future needs of communications primarily addressing the expanding bandwidth and distance needs of multiple entities; public and private. As it stands today, telecoms are looking for 3-5 km links with 5 9’s reliability and 10 Gb/s. FSO is currently unable to address these requirements. Fog Optics has addressed the first 2 needs in that list and is progressing to address the 3rd to enable our partners to compete in a market that is primed to grow.

As technology progresses, more and more bandwidth will be needed by all. Fog Optics will address the growing point-to-point bandwidth needs of 1, 2, 5, 10 Gb/s and potentially beyond in the coming years.

Communications dropping because of adverse weather isn’t an option that fits with mission or business objectives. As space, satellite to ground, blimp, plane, and other high altitude connection points become needed and more economically feasible for more governments and companies, Fog Optics will provide new solutions. Our designs and technologies will be needed to achieve higher QoS (Quality of Signal) at these challenging distances. These endeavors are already being explored by public and private entities: NASA, Google, Facebook, etc., and we are available to partner and share our expertise.

Stay Tuned

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