6Fog Optics technologies address a missing need in telecom’s networks, specifically a missing option in their backhaul solution set. Currently, FSO is being held back due to it’s downtime mostly due to adverse atmospheric conditions. Fog Optics is focused on enabling the current industry to grow and become a 5 9’s solution that telecoms choose for their critical network infrastructure.

Fog Laser

Fog is the main cause of downed links in Free Space Optics (FSO) technologies. Fog Laser enables FSO units to achieve telecom grade up-time in the worst conditions. Fog Burner facilitates current FSO manufacturers for the first time to meet all standards and compete in the lucrative mobile backhaul marketplace.

FSO Companies using Fog Laser can finally achieve 99.999% reliability in distances of 3-5 km in virtually any adverse weather conditions, including fog, without any need for a redundant low bandwidth RF fail-over system.  Compatible with all existing FSO platforms, the technology is eye safe and requires no FCC licensing.

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Packet Saver

Unique to maligned pulses, this hardware controller corrects noise, improving the pulse readability in extreme low throughput conditions.

With this technology, FSO companies can reduce packet loss by up to 75%.

Bandwidth Supercharger

Allow Fog Optics to super-charge your mobile backhaul offerings, with a unique encoding method only compatible with Fog Laser anabled systems. This exciting bandwidth expansion enables FSO units to scale up to 1 Gb/s in adverse weather, allowing for a more robust and cost-effective backhaul solution.

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